Stove wood MAMY. Nordica

Produits Nordica
Cuisinière à bois "MAMY noire" de nordica






    • Exterior in stylish

    • Frame, plate and circles in cast iron

    • Enameled oven • large drawer wood




    Dimensions mm (l, h, p) 880 x 880 x 660
    Weight 210 kg
    Door dimensions of home 235 x 225
    Dimensions home 277 x 304 x 460
    Size oven 307 x 418 x 430
    o exit flue 150 mm s/p
    Home Ghisa
    Facade Ghisa
    M3 that can heat 229 m3
    Power rated 8kW
    Primary air Yes
    Yes secondary air
    Air tertiarie Yes
    77.5 %
    Use 2, 4 kg/h







    Garantiegarantie 2 ans
    Possibilité de PoseOui


Cuisinière à bois "MAMY noire" de nordica

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