VOGUE 620160 - VOGUE finish grey steel wood stove. Edilkamin

    Stove wood "VOGUE 620160" - VOGUE Edilkamin grey steel finish

    She, Vogue and Roller, the pen Line range wood stoves, are characterised by a modern design and can be placed on the wall, d angle or at the centre of a room. They can work in manual or automatic and, using air for post-combustion "in rain", they guarantee low emissions and a clean glass.
    • structure and coating steel
    • Wall fireplace in refractory
    • basket cast iron fireplace shelf

    Vogue Steel two colour anthracite and grey, with drawer wood.



    convezione naturaleNATURAL CONVECTION

     s.c.p. la rivoluzione della combustioneCPC COMBUSTION REVOLUTION

    Technical offices Edilkamin, has always been leader d technology of stoves and chimneys, he was born a new combustion system CPC, Combustion own system. It is an innovative system that guarantees cleaner smoke and improved thermal performance. After a good primary combustion obtained using a revilutionnaire of combustion method, it gets the optimization of the process through the "Afterburner". The air for "post-combustion" is introduced d home by the same system to help reduce pollution (CO) and recover from the heat.



    possibility superior and posterior smoke output

    _ 81 %

    _ Refractory fireplace / cast iron


    fuel consumption (wood)Kg/h1/2
    power madekW3/7
    O released smokecm15
    outside air intake sectioncm²200
    total weightkg157
    Vol. heating (isolation expected law 10/91)145


    Height1180 mm
    Width560 mm
    Depth560 mm
    Diamètre de buse150 mm
    Départ de Fuméesur le Dessus ou à l'Arrière
    Nominal power6 kw
    Top flue exit:oui
    Rear flue exit:oui
    External Air intake:Oui
    Possibilité de PoseOui


Wood burning stove "VOGUE 620160" - VOGUE steel gray finish Edilkamin

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