ADURO 9 Air woodstove.

     Aduro ADURO9 Air "BBC" black wood stove


    L´Aduro 9 air is designed in the same way and has the same functionality as l´Aduro 9. The only difference is that this model has an external air supply. This stove can be fueled combustion air by an outside duct, which is connected to the connector in the combustion chamber. The stove is designed so that the outside air duct can be removed by the back or the bottom of the pan.




    Nominal power 6 kW with high performance. Maxi 9 kW.
    Area of operation 3 to 9 kW
    Double combustion
    Output diameter  O150 mm
    Exit at the rear and above
    ash drawer
    Suitable for  30 to 140 m²
    Weight 98 kg
    Distance from flammable materials aft 20 cm to 70 cm sides
    Distance from a piece of furniture 80 cm
    Wood combustion chamber width 40 cm
    Length max logs 39 cm
    Dimension in mm (Hxwxd) 958 x 500 x 459 mm
    Distance from the ground to the evacuation centre rear 840 mm
    Distance from the centre of the nozzle top on the Board rear of the apparatus 193 mm
    Color Black

    Performance 81.3 %



    Standards & Labels
    Meets the European environmental requirements

    EN13240, eco/Swan Mark, DIN-plus, CE-mark, Sintef approval (Norway)
    Swedcert certificate (Sweden)



    Height958 mm
    Width500 mm
    Depth447 mm
    Rendement81,3 %
    Diamètre de buse150 mm
    Longeure de bûches39 cm
    Départ de Fuméesur le Dessus ou à l'Arrière
    Nominal power6 kw
    Top flue exit:oui
    Rear flue exit:oui
    External Air intake:Oui
    Garantiegarantie 5 ans
    Possibilité de PoseOui


ADURO 9 Air woodstove. Aduro

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