Woodstove Supra HEISSBERG

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Woodstove Supra HEISSBERG

    Supra frying wood "HEISSBERG"


    Strong points

    Most of the product  HF 1440 woodstove uses the SLIM profile "SP technology" technology the combustion is vertical d a body of heater equipped with an important refractory stones high mse power of inertia. Flames, thermal energy source, stay longer in contact with card walls of heat and thus develop all of their power to heating, gradually and over a long period. Flat heater function.


    Technical characteristics


    Power 7000 W 

    Log length up to 40 cm 

    Smoke output  Ø 125 mm 

    Volume of heating 265 m3

    Dimensions  H. 87.5 x l. 31.5 x P. 33 cm.  

    Heater enamelled black finish. Is cast iron. 

    Combustion chamber with dubbing by refractory at high power accumulation high inertia of heating.

    Weight 70 Kg


    Height880 mm
    Width320 mm
    Depth330 mm
    Rendement75 %
    Diamètre de buse120/125 mm
    Longeure de bûches33 cm
    Départ de Fuméeà l'arrière
    Green Flame:4 étoiles
    Nominal power7 kw
    External Air intake:non
    Garantiegarantie 5 ans
    Possibilité de PoseOui


Woodstove Supra HEISSBERG

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