ROSA Thermo wood stove. Nordica

    Wood stove Nordica "ROSA Thermo"


    Precious dressing the stove earthenware cache technology advanced, the quality of its materials and technical solutions, which provides a pleasant heat throughout the House through complete product setup process of sanitary heating, while respecting the environment.

    Size: 1017 x 852 x 662 mm

    Net weight: 211/226 kg

    Home door dimensions: 220 x 265 mm

    Fireplace dimensions: 265 x 285 x 400 mm

    Oven size: 330 x 300 x 410 mm

    Diameter out of smoked es: 150 mm s/p

    Home: Acciaio

    M3 that can heat: 444 m3

    Made power has water: 9 kW

    Rendered in air power: 6.5 kW

    Nominal power: 15.5 kW

    Global thermal power: 19.4 kW

    Liquid contained in the interchange: 14 l

    Exercise power: 3 bar

    Temp.optimale operation: 70 ° - 75 ° C

    Ø Connection boiler: 1 "F Gas

    Air primary re Rock: Yes

    Air secondary re Rock: Yes

    Air tertiarie pre-set: Yes

    Performance: 79.9 %

    Consumption: 4.5 kg/h

    Draw: 1, 7-2 mm


    Garantiegarantie 2 ans
    Possibilité de PoseOui


Wood stove "ROSA PETRA" of nordica

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