Chimney Bioethanol LIBERA HORUS



    Brilliant in its simplicityThanks to the possibility of adding a modular element. Libera to create a shelf / library based on the requirements of the workplace and the functionality of each exhibition space. One of the predisposed module to hold the burner makes it possible the insertion of a "chimney" between books and vases.



    External dimensions: Fire module: L40 x P30 x H30 cm, Support module: L40 x P30 x H30 cm
    Tank capacity: 1.5 l
    Light autonomy: 4 h
    Thermal power: 3 kw/h
    Fuel ethanol: Max 0.45 l/h - min 0.28 l/h
    Weight: Fire module: 13.6 kg, Support module: 7.2 kg

    Finish: steel polished, glass

    This price includes as additional module option + glass side light module



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