Burner 2.5 litre QUADRO HORUS

Horus Ref : brûleur 2,5 litres quadro

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Brûleur 1,5 litres HORUS

    Burner 2.5 litre QUADRO HORUS



    The "Fuoco" burner is the heart stack Horus; directed completely in stainless steel, in its version separated from the chimney, it allows a further ecletisme and adaptation of solutions for the Interior of the old unserviceable chimneys and may also be suitable for maximum customization of the home.



    burner quadro 2.5 lt
    External dimensions: L29 x P24 x H9 cm
    Tank capacity: 2.5 l
    Light autonomy: 6 h
    Thermal power: 3.5 kw/h
    Fuel ethanol: Max 0.48 lt/h - min 0.32 lt/h
    Weight: 5.75 Kg



Brûleur 1,5 litres HORUS

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