Pellet boiler. wood KAUSIFLAM white OX35

Kausiflam Ref : OX35

Produits Kausiflam
Chaudière à granulés de bois KAUSIFLAM OX22 blanc

    White KAUSIFLAM OX35 wood pellet boiler




    Variable rated: 9.5-34.4 kW
    Power on the water: 8.8-32 kW
    Combustion performance: 93%
    EmissionsCo (13% O): 0.033%
    Dimensions: L 700 X P X 810 H 1395 mm
    The flue connection: Ø 100 mm top

    Maximum comfort

    Quiet operation
    Simple programming with retractable control screen

    Tank capacity: 120 kg
    Automatic modulation of pattern of heating
    Exchanger water volume: 52 l
    Combustion refractory stainless steel Crucible
    -Pressure switch of minimum draw
    -Pressure switchwater pressure
    -Security of overheating with manual rearmament
    -Control of rates of smoke extraction
    Automatic Deashing


    Natural and renewable fuel

    Wood Ø 6 mm pellets



Chaudière à granulés de bois KAUSIFLAM OX22 blanc

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