Dalia pellet stove. Red

    Dalia pellet stove. Red


    A panel of easy and intuitive commands - A large tank for high autonomy - through a cycle of periodic cleaning managed automatically by the electronics of the stove, the normal operations of manual cleaning for RED water stoves are less frequent.


    Dimensions (L x P x H): 460 x 543 x 903 mm


    Technical characteristics:

    Power thermal useful max.6.00 KW/h
    Power thermal useful max2.10 KW/h
    Nominal yield89.10%
    The tank capacity20.00 kg
    Use horairemin.0.50 kg/h
    Use horairemax.1.45kg/h
    Autonomy at the min20.00 h
    Autonomy to the max7.00 h
    Diameter of smoke output8 cm
    Weight120 kg
    Temperature of170 ° C
    Mass flow rate of flue gases4 - 6 g/s



    Advantage of the mark on RED:


    Thermostat wireless option (chrono)

    Stove red edera brasero is cast for a long time. (in series)

    Grandtank for a better autonomy

    Control Panel intuitf and easy

    Top and front cast iron

    Capacité Réservoir20 kg
    Nominal power6 kw
    Garantiegarantie 2 ans


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