AETNA ceramic color Cognac wood stove Caminos

    AETNA ceramic wood stove Caminos





    This stove, ceramic, remains the focal point of constant.

    • System of automatic combustion with additional ventilation of the glass by the Top - Air combustion system
    • Power heat 3-7 kW
    • Universal connection
    • Stovepipe Ø 150 mm
    • Lacquered grey

    Chrome handles, tiles on the sides and in the compartment plate warmers, tiled collection plate.
    Colour of champagne, cognac and brilliant white tiles. Special colours on request.

    • 7KW power
    • Height 1130 mm
    • width 510 mm
    • Depth 435 mm
    • Weight 230 kg
    • Logs 33 cm
    • On top or rear connection
    • 150 mm nozzle
    • Arrival of external air
    • Performance energy 82.5%
    • Rejection of 0.05% CO
    • Standard EN13240 - green flame





    Height1130 mm
    Width510 mm
    Depth435 mm
    Diamètre de buse150 mm
    Départ de Fuméesur le Dessus ou à l'Arrière
    Green Flame:oui
    Nominal power7 kw
    Top flue exit:oui
    Rear flue exit:oui
    External Air intake:Non
    Garantiegarantie 5 ans
    Possibilité de PoseOui


AETNA ceramic color Cognac wood stove Caminos

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