Margherita pellet stove. Red

    Margherita Red pellet stove



    Technical characteristics:

    Fuel pellets

    Power thermal useful Max 8.00 KW/h

    Power thermal useful max 2.40 KW/h

    Performance rated 91.70%

    Use horairemin. 0.60 kg/h

    Use horairemax. 1.80 kg/h

    Autonomy to the 40.00 h min

    Autonomy to the 13.00 h max

    Volume of heating 196/35 m³

    Output diameterfumes 8 cm

    Weight 140 kg

    Temperature of 170 ° C


    A fireplace in refractory material for a greater brightness of the flame (only on air models).



    Strong points:

    Chrono (in option)
    A large tank for high autonomy
    A large tank for high autonomy
    An easy and intuitive control panel. (AIR/MULTIAIR versions only)
    Through a cycle of periodic cleaning managed automatically by the electronics of the stove, the normal operations of manual cleaning for RED water stoves are less frequent.
    Top and front cast iron
    Braziers cast iron for long periods of time in examining
    Capacité Réservoir37 Kg
    Nominal power8 kw
    Garantiegarantie 2 ans
    Possibilité de PoseOui


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