You have no certainty about the quality of your traditional chimney masoned? It is not adapted to the evacuation of fumes of your heating appliance (too old, too big, no warranty seal)? It is essential to take advantage of a good chimney fire to have an efficient, consistent and safe smoke duct. Therefore, tuber traditional smoke duct masoned. Poujoulat offers a complete range of rigid and flexible casing for the renovation of all Masons traditional conduits rogue or rights.
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  • Tubovale

    This range allows the renovation of the right flues or rectangular section, it provides an improved circulation and a perfect seal.

  • Rigid Tubaginox

    This range of rigid conduits is the ideal solution for the casing of your right chimney, it allows to improve the performance of your heating system providing a proper sizing and improved circulation.

  • Tubaginox Flexible Polycombustible

    This range of flexible conduit allows the casing of the flues rogue or rights, it allows to optimize the performance and security of your heating system.

  • Flexible Tubaginox gas and fuel oil

    This range of flexible conduit is the ideal solution for the casing of your rogue chimney, it connects easily on your boiler gas, oil or coal, and ensures a perfect seal.