CIMOTOE 377132 finish steel new BBC sealed woodstove. GODIN

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wood stove "CIMOTOE 377132" Steel finish novelty BBC sealed GODIN

    "CIMOTOE 377132" woodstove finishing steel BBC tight GODIN


    Stoves, compatible with the VMC dual stream, ideal for houses HQE, BBC.

    New homes being more waterproof, devices can be disturbed by the depression created by the VMC or a kitchen hood.

    Today, the Galatea to meet these new requirements.

    Indeed, the device can be connected to a direct influx of outside air through the nozzle Ø 100 mm in b, behind the aircraft (sheath not provided).
    Its rated power, its high performance combined with his low CO emission to marry energy efficiency and environmental protection.
    In addition, finished the phenomenon of cold drafts d exhibit or installed the device.




    • Finish wrapping steel
    • Cast iron fireplace
    • Burning wood
    • Manual regulation
    • Powerrated 7 kW
    • Before loading
    • Dimension logs 33 cm 
    • Smoke Evacution ø 125 mm
    • Starting smoke back or top
    • Width 550 mm
    • Height 1200 mm
    • Depth 550 mm
    • Dimensions of the soil above the nozzle of starting 120 cm


    • Label flame green non-
    • 13240 Standards NF







    The energy performance regulations for new buildings and new buildings










    Height1200 mm
    Width550 mm
    Depth550 mm
    Diamètre de buse125 mm
    Longeure de bûches33 cm
    Départ de Fuméesur le Dessus ou à l'Arrière
    Green Flame:oui
    Nominal power7 kW
    Top flue exit:oui
    Rear flue exit:oui
    External Air intake:oui


wood stove "CIMOTOE 377132" Steel finish novelty BBC sealed GODIN

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