Frying Wamsler wood March finishing soapstone

Wamsler Ref : MARS

Produits Wamsler
Poêle à bois "LE MARS" Finition pierre ollaire de WAMSLER

    Wamsler wood stove "March" finishing soapstone

    Clsique with large logs compartment wood stove and breeds superior



    The strong points

    -Large glass
    -Vermiculite refractory combustion chamber
    -Integrated ashtray
    -Door automatic closing


    Fact sheet

    • THE March Finished soapstone
    • Top smoke output
    • Nominal power 7 KW
    • Length of 25 cm logs
    • Height in mm 1022
    • Width in mm 557
    • Depth in mm 427
    • Weight 118 kg
    • Connection pipesmoke diam nozzle 150
    • Efficiency 78 %
    • clear CO 0.08% rate
    • Standard EN 13240
    • Green flame 5 star



    -Body steel grey colour
    -Cladding soapstone
    -Compartment to lower logs
    -Upper niche
    -Adjustment of the air on the door
    -Handle color aluminum


    -Exists also in version




    Label Flamme Verte



    LabéGreen flame

    The "Green flame" label guarantees quality, performance, and high-performanceenergy and environmental of wood heating appliances.

    Flame green label benefits from the assistance of the Agency for the environment and control of energy (ADEME) and the Union of the renewable energy sources (RES).

    Why buy a device "Green flame"

    To make a gesture for the planet
    These devices reject d the atmosphere less gaseous emissions that the old equipment installed d housing or those who are available s trade guarantee of performance.
    It is therefore less carbon monoxide (CO), less nitrogen oxide (NOx), less than unburned...
    In short, less various pollutants they are more "clean".

    For savings
    , which concerns us all.
    "Green flame" fireplaces have a performance > = 70%.
    Should know that in psant of 50-70% of performance, it saves 30% of wood.


    For each unit under the "Green flame" labelling, energy and environmental performance index is calculated.

    Thus calculated index to define performance HBSC.

    The performance of the apparatus HBSC is indicated by the number of stars displayed ranging from 1 star to 5 stars.

    Higher the number of stars society to a device, the device is efficient from an energy and environmental point of view

    D this another example, the flame green apparatus is 5 stars, which means that he received the highest distinction of the labelGreen flame.


    The minimum requirements of flame green devices are

    Closed fireplaces and inserts yield 70% and Emissions CO 0.3% according to EN 13229

    Performance 85% and Emissions CO 0.04% according to EN 14785 Pellet stoves
    Stoves logs performance 70% and Emissions CO 0.3% according to EN 13240
    Stoves to slow accumulation of heat efficiency 75% and Emissions CO 0.3% according to EN 15250
    Stoves performance 70% and Emissions CO 0.3% according to in 12815

    The "Green flame" devices are therefore eligible for the tax credit! More info

    Namely also, all flame green devices comply with a maximum threshold of 125 mg/Nm3 dust.

    Performance monitoring

    The truth of the advertised performance is controlled by CERTITA for each device flame green, on the be the reports of tests carried out by a notified Laboratory (independent body designated by the States) d framework the directive of the building (DPP) products.

    Labeled appliances are also subject to random control collection.

    Advertised performance are then verified through new tests also carried out by a notified laboratory.

    More info on CERTITA /...




    Height1022 mm
    Width557 mm
    Depth427 mm
    Diamètre de buse150 mm
    Longeure de bûches25 cm
    Départ de FuméeDessus
    Green Flame:5 étoiles
    Nominal power7 kw
    Top flue exit:oui
    Rear flue exit:non
    External Air intake:Non
    CouleurPierre ollaire
    Garantiegarantie 5 ans
    Possibilité de PoseOui


Poêle à bois "LE MARS" Finition pierre ollaire de WAMSLER

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