Fireplace insert wood ADURO 5-1.

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Woodstove ADURO 6-5 of Aduro

    Aduro 5-1 pot

    L´Aduro 5-1 is a stove flush clean with flat frontal part and a large glass door which gives a clear view of the flames. The d´ouverture handle is elegantly integrated so that l´encastrement is on the same plane as the wall. L´isolation of the combustion chamber is conducted in vermiculite molded in clean style of the stove. L´ensemble is both prominent in the play, while s´integrant to the decor.L´ensemble is insert in a new installation or a pre-existing installation. Let you bewitch by the flames of this modern facility!

    Designed by l´architecte and Danish designer Casper Storm.

    Technical data  

    Stove convection, the window cleaning, ash, arrived from primary, secondary and tertiary air tray 

    Rated power: 7 kW 

    Powers mini/maxi: 3-9 kW 

    Nozzle diameter / output O150 mm top and back 

    Heated area: 30-140 m2 

    Weight: 77 kg 

    Safety materials / flammable: rear 25 cm 

    Safety materials / flammable: side 30 cm 

    Safety distance / furniture: 110 cm 

    Width of the combustion chamber: 41 cm 

    Length of the logs: 40 cm 

    Type of wood: logs and shives 

    Dimensions in mm (Hxwxd): 574 x 635 x 460 mm 

    Distance from the central d´evacuation duct at the rear end of the stove: 190 mm   

    Equipped with automatic control system Aduro-tronic 

    Color: Black

    Performance: 78.7 % 

    Standards & Labels: Responds Sintef environmental requirements European: EN13240, eco/Swan Mark, DIN-plus, CE-mark approval (Norway)

    Height5740 mm
    Width635 mm
    Depth460 mm
    Rendement78,7 %
    Diamètre de buse150 mm
    Longeure de bûches40 cm
    Départ de Fuméesur le Dessus ou à l'Arrière
    Nominal power7 kw
    Top flue exit:oui
    Rear flue exit:oui
    External Air intake:Non
    Garantiegarantie 5 ans
    Possibilité de PoseOui


Woodstove ADURO 6-5 of Aduro

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