FIREPLACE wood CRYSTAL 80. Nordica

Nordica Ref : crystal 80

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Fireplace "CRYSTAL 80" nordica
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    l ' elegance of crystal finishes contain packs reboiler that connected to a health installationthermo, lets chaufferaussi radiators in your home with the pleasant warmth of the wood.



    Dimensions mm (l, h, p) 795 x 1285 x 560
    Dimensions home 600 x 320 x 360
    o exit smoke 160 mm
    External ø 150 mm air intake
    Weight 170 kg
    Power heat name. Kym
    Consumption 2, 6 kg/h
    81.2 %
    Air primary ok
    Air secondary ok
    Air tertiarie ok
    Drawer door ashtray ok
    Optional hot air ventilation
    Feet adjustable ok






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Fireplace "CRYSTAL 80" nordica

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