RIAÑO pierre woodstove. romotop

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Wood stove "RIANO" stone Romotop

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    Woodstove "RIAÑO" romotop pierre



    Technical data

    Power 8.00 Kw

    Size of the logs 40.00 cm

    Weight 175.00 Kg






    Stove wood "RIAÑO" romotop pierre




    • Nominal power   8 kW
    • Adjustable power 4 to 11 KW
    • Dimensions height xLargeur x depth in cm 920 x 820 x 420
    • Smoke output 150 mm
    • Rear l output axis height / ground (in mm)   762 mm
    • Performance 80 %
    • Weight 175 Kg


    The strong points
    • Performance superior to 70 %
    • Own glass (arrival of secondary air with the glass scanning).
    • in accordance with the standard EN 13240.








    Height 920 mm
    Width 820 mm
    Depth 420 mm
    Rendement 80%
    Diamètre de buse 150 mm
    Longeure de bûches 40 cm
    Départ de Fumée Dessus
    Green Flame: oui
    Nominal power 8 kw
    Top flue exit: oui
    Rear flue exit: non
    External Air intake: Non
    Couleur pierre
    Possibilité de Pose Oui
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    new Wood